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The end of Universal Analytics

Are you using Google Analytics? Watch out!

Google announced in March 2022 that Universal Analytics will be disabled with effect from July 01, 2023.

Thus, the migration to the updated Google Analytics 4 will be mandatory in the near future.

Only complete data sets can be compared year-on-year (Y2Y). If you want to compare the data from 2022 with data from 2023, you have to move now.

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So what’s now improving?

Proper packing before you move is half the battle!

We highly recommend these three steps:

  • Google Analytics Audit

We check your existing GA Universal as well as your new GA 4 implementation.

We pay attention to the technical implementation, to the strategic definition and the alignment of your KPIs. Also, we check if all relevant data is collected accurately.

  • Web analytics consulting

During a video call, we will inform you personally about the results of our audit.

  • Documentation

Of course, you will receive the results of the audit in written form as a list of prioritized measures for improvement.

Price for audit, consulting and documentation: 475,00 €

Goodbye Google Universal Analytics. Hello Google Analytics 4
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