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Alternative to Google Ads: Bing Ads | Microsoft Advertising

Search engine marketing (SEA) with Microsoft Advertising, formerly Bing Ads

Bing Ads oder Google Ads?

A question that some advertisers ask themselves at the beginning. Bing Ads, or since 2019 called Microsoft Advertising, is the marketing platform of Microsoft and direct competitor of Google Ads in SEA (Search Engine Advertising). Even if at first glance many users do not attach great importance to the term “Microsoft Ads”, one should not underestimate the tried and tested technology giant with its reach and marketing platform..

“Especially in the B2B area, Microsft Advterising (formerly Bing Ads) plays an important role. Due to the widely used Microsoft operating system Windows and the favorable click prices, it offers non-negligible potential.”

Markus Beck


adCenter, Bing Ads, Microsoft Ads – One product with many names

Especially in the US, but also in Germany, the Bing and Yahoo search engines provide over 30% and 12% of searches on desktops, respectively, and should therefore not be neglected. But these are not the only advantages of Bing Ads.

The Bing search engine was created on 01.06.2009 as the successor to Live Search and has been cooperating with the Yahoo search engine since 29.07.2009.

Both search engines were developed to compete with Google and take market share from the titan. Growing steadily, the Yahoo Bing network has been able to establish itself as the number 2 search engine in Germany.

At the same time, the first advertising opportunities on Bing developed in 2009 under the name Microsoft Advertising adCenter. Together with the established Yahoo Bing Network, which consists of various partner sites, the first ads were played out.

Over the last few years, the advertising platform, which has since been renamed Bing Ads, has attracted around 700 million users to Yahoo and Bing to date.

The German version offers fewer functions than Google or the U.S. version of Bing. And the considerable number of users is offset by the huge market share of Google’s total volume. (2018 approx. 86% of desktop searches and over 95% of mobile searches).

Then in 2019, Microsoft’s circle seems to be closing: With the renaming of Bing Ads to Microsoft Advertising, the original name will be reverted to and the holistic approach will be recognizable. Moreover, some users are more familiar with Microsoft in this context since the introduction of the Microsoft Audience Network in 2018.


Advantages and potentials of Bing Ads / Microsoft Ads

Bing Ads offers users and marketers very individual possibilities and therefore serve not only as an alternative to Google Ad. Especially in addition to Google Ads, you benefit from several advantages and potentials.

Almost 90 – 95% of users visit Google – so why Bing Ads? Clearly, the 5-10% should also be reached. In most cases, this target group includes several hundred thousand to millions of users who can be specifically addressed by Bing Ads.

In addition, Bing users are usually more willing to buy on average, with higher purchasing power – an interesting target group for all advertisers.

The Bing Ads network is used less frequently than Google Ads. And that pays off for you. With less competition, Bing Ads click prices are cheaper than Google Ads. Not only can you target more people, but you can also increase your return on investment (ROI) in the process.

Bing Ads are perfect for B2B business. Through collaborations with partners like Amazon Kindle, Apple Siri, and Windows 10, Bing as a search engine is actually used primarily in the business sector, which makes B2B targeting work. Pre-installed settings in Microsoft’s default Edge browser continue to make this development noteworthy. There is huge potential here for B2B marketers.

Not only lower click prices, but also fewer competitors on the SERP hold great potential. Your ad will therefore not only be played out more favorably, but also perceived more consciously.

Do you operate internationally and advertise in the USA or UK? Then Bing Ads are a must for you. In contrast to Germany, Bing has a market share of up to 30% here and thus offers an enormous reach that wants to be exploited.

Especially for marketers, the Bing Ads platform is not a big challenge. Due to a similarly structured setup and integration of accounts from Google Ads, one can work easily and intuitively and set up campaigns within a short time.

On Bing you will find a wide variety of target groups. From B2B audiences and users with purchasing power to Google refuseniks and the typical target groups found on all search engines: Bing Ads offers the possibility to specifically address all these users.

Use of Bing Ads | Microsoft Ads

If you want to further expand your advertising volume and use the full potential of Bing Ads, we will gladly and efficiently support you in expanding your campaigns. The creation and implementation of a retargeting strategy in Bing Ads is also part of our repertoire. We will be happy to advise and support you in the strategic alignment and conversion to Bing Ads, which we will tailor exactly to your needs and budget. Take advantage of our many years of experience in SEA and our holistic approach to get the most out of your campaigns.


Focus of Microsoft Advertising / Bing Ads

Bing Ads and Microsoft Ads can be used for the following purposes and are hardly inferior to Google Ads.

Reach all potential users with your ads, different target groups and industries in international territories at low prices.

Achieve more conversions at lower prices and better ROI.

Specific target groups that increasingly use Microsoft products are particularly interesting for you. Multiply your leads with the help of Bing Ads.
Want to increase the number of calls to your business? Use Bing Ads to achieve your goal.
Optimize your campaigns for offline – store visits.

You also have many options in Bing Ads for shopping and e-commerce.

Take off together with Bing Ads!

We have aroused your interest in Bing Ads?
Our online marketing team at internetwarriors with a focus on SEA is looking forward to advising you personally and developing your campaigns further.

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