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Google Shopping – Product Listing Ads

For vendors in the field of e-commerce, price and product comparison sites are becoming increasingly important.

For many customers, they represent an important first step in making a purchase. Because price comparison sites are mostly viewed with an intent to purchase, the traffic on these portals generates a high rate of conversion.

By being listed on a price comparison site, one can reach many objectives: new shops can gain popularity, attract new customers and increase sales.


Advantages for Online Shops

In order to use price comparison sites effectively, certain factors must be taken into consideration which can significantly affect results. The presentation of online shops and the products they sell must be designed professionally and with regard to important guidelines for usability. Comprehensive, relevant, and up-to-date information about the products is a must. In order for the search engine to find the products easily, it is also imperative to use the exact name of the product, the brand and the type, so that it can be isolated from similar items. Customers can then find exactly the product they are seeking, and the click probability increases. Images of the product, as well as a detailed description can further increase the click rate. The product should be classified in a distinct and suitable category, in order to be exhibited on the appropriate list of search results.


Shop Conversion

On the online shop itself, the size of the selection and a transparent price policy can have a large affect on buying decisions. Shipping costs should be clearly indicated and also kept up-to-date on the price comparison site. Product information and prices should also be kept up-to-date, as customers are frustrated when products are unavailable or prices have changed. In short, it is crucial to gain the customer’s trust, as this increases purchase probability.

What We Can Do For You

We analyse the market for you and determine your potential as well as the price points for your products. Furthermore, we handle negotiations with the price comparison sites, analyse your product information and assimilate your product feeds into the appropriate price comparison portals. Traffic on the price comparison site and customer activity are monitored routinely through professional reporting, in order to achieve optimum success for your company and products, thereby ultimately Request an offer!

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