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Remarketing Campaigns for better KPIs

Would you like to attract undecided visitors to your store again?

Google Ads Remarketing, or retargeting, has become a staple in online marketing in recent years. The function allows advertisers to mark users of their site with a cookie and then identify them on external websites. These users can then be shown a special advertisement there, such as a banner with products of the genre they were looking at the last time they visited your site. This increases brand awareness as well as the likelihood of certain conversions such as purchases.

„Die Unterscheidung zwischen Neu- und Bestandskunden ist essentiell für die fundierte Bewertung Ihrer Online Kanäle. Mit Google Ads Remarketing sprechen Sie diese Kundengruppen individuell und gezielt an und verbessern dadurch Ihre Wirtschaftlichkeit und Kontoleistung.“

Markus Beck

Our services

Our services as a Google Ads remarketing Agency

As a full-service online marketing agency, we take a holistic and long-term approach to your marketing performance. Together with you, we develop an individually tailored concept for your successful remarketing campaigns. In doing so, we place particular emphasis on a valid database and high-quality tracking (internal link to performance page).

We offer the following services for your remarketing campaigns:

  • Implementation in different channels (Google Ads Remarketing and Social Media Remarketing)
  • Creation of a strategic & sustainable remarketing concept
  • Setup and basic support of remarketing campaigns
  • Selection of suitable target groups and placements
  • Continuous optimization of remarketing campaigns based on performance KPIs
  • Competent advice from experienced employees


Remarketing & its advantages

Remarketing is a popular marketing tool, mainly because of its ease of use and interest-specific targeting. On the one hand, remarketing campaigns are easy to create and control. All you need are remarketing groups that you have previously segmented and stored in Google Analytics. Compared to other advertising media, retargeting is relatively inexpensive. But nonetheless, it can lead to a higher CTR. According to statistics (Software Advice, 2019), compared to other users, website visitors targeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert. Remarketing can also be used across different channels – from Google Adwords to Facebook and LinkedIn.

Through Google Ads remarketing as well as social media remarketing, you can build your brand, generate traffic and get numerous conversions. And even better – you can use dynamic remarketing to remind users in time to perform an action they didn’t finish and later forgot about.

The remarketing method also works well in the e-commerce space and, from experience, works better than traditional ads. Due to these advantages, more and more online marketing agencies as well as companies are investing in the implementation of remarketing campaigns.


Remarketing types

In remarketing, a so-called “tag” is placed on the advertiser’s website. This ensures that a cookie is distributed as soon as a visitor calls up this page. On the one hand, this makes it possible to identify the visitor in the respective advertising network and, on the other hand, it provides the opportunity to repeatedly present the corresponding product or service to a visitor by means of advertising without having completed a conversion. With the help of remarketing, user behavior can be tracked in order to address them specifically via advertisements.

In remarketing, a distinction is made between four types of retargeting, which you can use to address the respective target groups: Generic remarketing, dynamic remarketing, sequential remarketing and action-based remarketing. These differ in the type of target groups addressed and in the technical settings required for successful implementation of the remarketing strategy.

Generic retargeting is the easiest to implement compared to the other remarketing types and works with relatively few complications. In this method, people are targeted who have had an interaction such as webpage visit, purchase, etc. with a website or social media page/profile.

(Source: Google Ads Support)

Dynamic remarketing refers to the behavior of the users you want to reach. These are, for example, people who have started the buying process but have not completed it. Since they are obviously interested in the product, dynamic retargeting can be used to play specific personalized ads of products or services, thus reminding users of the purchase intention. Practice shows that dynamic remarketing performs well and can contribute to an increase in users’ willingness to buy. However, dynamic remarketing can only work successfully if the associated pixel functions without errors. In this case, this means that it should regularly send events such as ViewContent.

Sequential remarketing offers the possibility to determine when and in which order the ads should be played to the user. In addition, this remarketing type allows you to create different more specific user groups that you want to target again. This increases the conversion rate as well as the quality of the remarketing strategy.
The last remarketing type is known as action-based retargeting and as its name suggests, it is used only in relation to specific actions. For this purpose, you turn on a schedule with the start and end dates, as well as the time of the ad. This remarketing type is well suited for event services that take place on a regular basis. You can save a lot of time here and automate the remarketing process as long as the time data is properly stored.

Remarketing Agency internetwarriors

Do you need an efficient remarketing strategy or retargeting support? Our remarketing experts from internetwarriors in Berlin will be happy to support you in creating a retargeting strategy that is aligned with your goals. We will create the remarketing campaigns, segment the appropriate target groups, monitor performance and ensure efficient optimization that contributes to the best performance. We will be happy to accompany and advise you on your way to success.

Let our team from Berlin and our expertise in remarketing convince you.

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