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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – The magic Word of organic search

The predominant number of websites are accessed primarily through search engines (in Germany mostly through Google with a market share of around 90%).

In order to be found in an optimum position by using the relevant search terms and to acquire the highest amount of traffic on the site, the site requires certain criteria for the optimisation of the search engine. Search engine optimisation (SEO) incorporates all measures for improving the rankings in the search engine. In contrast to search engine marketing, search engine optimisation is geared toward the improvement of positioning in the unpaid (organic) search results.

On-Page & Off-Page

On-Page Optimisation

The first step for optimisation should pertain to all aspects of your site (on-page optimisation), which insure that your site is technically and regarding content, optimally found and read by search engine crawlers, and is optimised for all relevant keywords. Because the exact algorithm of the search engine is unknown, a large treasure trove of experience is required for the professional optimisation of a site. Above all, the emphasis of the different criteria which lead to the positive evaluation of a site through a search engine is not explicitly known and is constantly altered, therefore, it is best to have your site optimised by a professional agency with the appropriate know-how.

Off-Page Optimisation

Aside from the evaluation of a site itself, the incoming links on your website are of great significance. With the help of off-page optimisation, the number and the quality of the back links on your page are increased, in order to also improve your search engine ranking. A special ranking in the off-page optimisation attracts link marketing, the continuous build-up of relevant, qualitative, valuable links. For an effective SEO strategy, both methods of on-line and off-line optimisation should be tied together.

SEO Support

SEO Support and Success Control

Search engine optimisation is a continuous task which is never completed. The factors of search engine algorithms are perpetually reworked, the current situation on the market changes. In order to achieve ongoing success for your business and your brands, successful optimisation must be continually monitored and professionally analysed and the competitive situation observed, so that changes can be reacted to quickly and necessary alterations in your SEO strategy can be made.

What We Can Do For You

From the development of your brand’s appropriate SEO strategy and its technical implementation as well as the structuring of your website and the choice of applicable keywords, to the analysis of your competitive situation, the user-search relations of your target audience, and on to content updating and success control of your SEO methods through web analysis, we are there to serve you in the optimisation of your website.

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