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SEO Linkbuilding – Strategic Tool for Organic Success

Linkbuilding is the classic method of building links.
SEO linkbuilding is a concept is part of the Off-Page optimization and describes the process of obtaining external links (also called backlinks). There are many criteria that have to be taken into account when linking so that the right signals can be set for the search engines. A linkbuilding strategy is required to avoid possible negative side effects for your website. Linkbuilding is an important part of search engine optimization SEO

„With professional linkbuilding many positive signals can be conveyed to the search engines in different places. Linkbuliding is an important measure for building a positive reputation for your website.“

Lisa Chow

Working with a linkbuilding agency is a good option if your company does not have the in-house capacity to run a linkbuilding campaign.

The world of linkbuilding can be a contradicting place: deception, spam quality, and no follow-up – these are just a few of the problems that can arise if you are not skilled in linkbuilding. The wrong strategy can do more harm than good to your website


What is linkbuilding?

Linkbuilding is a crucial part of an SEO campaign. This technique links your online presence with other sites. If you haven’t used this technique before, you are missing out on something that can really improve your search engine ranking – an official ranking factor.

The benefits of backlinks on your website are enormous.
In its simplicity, linkbuilding means that other websites create backlinks to your own website. Search engines like Google and Bing crawl the web using these links. They crawl the links on every page of your website and all the links on other websites. This is how they determine the SEO ranking of a website. The more your website is connected to external but trustworthy and reputable websites, the higher your search engine ranking will be.


Benefits of linkbuilding

internetwarriors are a linkbuilding agency which implements a linkbuilding strategy with different methods. There are basically three major advantages that result from linkbuilding measures:

Trust Signals – send positive signals to search engines and users

When building links on high-quality websites from your industry or other relevant areas, there is a great advantage in the so-called trust signals to your website users and the search engines.
For example, if an e-commerce shop receives external links from trustworthy sources such as blogs, information sites, etc. this creates trust and a good reputation in the awareness of potential customers as well as sends positive signals to the search engines. Also it sends positive signals to the search engines.

Organic search engine rankings

The second main benefit is the improvement in organic ranking.
With the implementation of professional linkbuilding, the organic rankings increase based on the number of high-quality, relevant backlinks that refer to your website. The more relevant backlinks are generated, the more trustworthy and reliable your website will appear in the eyes of Google and the higher your website will be positioned in the organic search engine ranking.
The position in the organic rankings changes based on the current technical state of the website, the age of the website, the level of trust or the content. As well as a number of other on-page factors and link methodologies.
Organic traffic through backlinks can lead to targeted leads and higher sales. Linkbuilding is an incredibly valuable inbound marketing strategy which we can support as a professional and reliable linkbuilding agency.

Referral Traffic – Referring domains

Targeted referral traffic is the third major benefit of linkbuilding. Referral traffic is an KPI (Key Performance Indicator) displaying the traffic that is generated by clicking a link on an external website. The impact of a backlink depends on from where the link to your website is coming, how much traffic the linked website is generating, and how relevant and informative the content is. The content of your website should be relevant enough to the users so that a potential prospect takes the time to click on your link and gathers further information on your website/business.
The referral traffic can be analyzed in Google Analytics – please note that bots are to be excluded. As a SEO linkbuilding agency in Berlin, internetwarriors can support you in analyzing the referral traffic.

You will find that the referral traffic converts incredibly well in comparison to paid or ad sources coming in through social.


Linkbuilding strategy – processes and procedures

As an agency, we follow different steps for a professional SEO linkbuilding strategy:

In the first step, a backlink analysis is carried out for your website. During this evaluation, the existing backlinks are determined in terms of their quality. The procedure for poor quality links will be discussed with you.
In the next step, a seeding strategy is developed for project-related paid and owned media channels.
Thematically relevant websites are selected with the help of a research strategy. The link will only be evaluated and rated with relevant KPI’s to meet the content on your website.

Lastly, we focus on distributing the backlinks Here, influencers or consumer platforms are contacted (depending on the strategic conception), the content distribution is implemented and negotiations with content portals are conducted.
In this context, it is essential to keep a media budget when planning linkbuilding.

The reason external links are so important is because they take some time and effort to build. SEO linkbuilding is a very technical, resource-intensive marketing strategy. On-page optimization such as technical SEO adjustments can be analyzed and implemented relatively quickly. In contrast to external links, which should be created in a structured process, in order to also focus on a link structure that is natural for Google.

SEO linkbuilding agency internetwarriors

As a linkbuilding agency in Berlin, internetwarriors can support you in the strategic approach to SEO linkbuilding. Starting with the analysis of your existing links and the elimination of possibly toxic links to the natural and successful development of new backlinks. Basically, in linkbuilding: The more high-quality, relevant links refer to your website, the higher your ranking in the search engines. This translates into more organic visitors, leads, and sales. Due to our years of experience as a professional linkbuilding agency, we already have a large repertoire of contacts to portals and influencers from different business areas.

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