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The SEO Support, a continuous measure

Do you run an online shop or a website, but you cannot be found for relevant terms in the top positions of the search results? Or do you have doubts whether your website is optimizedfor the search engines, but you lack the knowledge and qualification to carry out the optimization yourself? Our SEO experts from internetwarriors will be happy to support you with search engine optimization services.

Search engine optimization as a marketing measure, also called SEO, is a continuous task that never ends. The factors of the search engine algorithms are constantly being revised and the competitive situation in the market is constantly changing. In order to ensure the continuous success of your company and your brand, the outcome of the search engine optimization must be frequently monitored and analyzed. The competitors must be observed in order to be able to react promptly to changes and adapt the SEO measures.

„SEO is much more than just being found on Google. It offers companies the opportunity to be virtually accessible to their target group and to deliver the content that meets the needs of visitors across platforms.“

Nadine Wolff


Optimization for search engines – On-Page and Off-Page optimization

The search engine optimization service is divided into the areas of OnPage optimization and OffPage optimization, which influence the positioning of a website in the search engine results.
On-Page factors are, for example, the overall website architecture, the content, the performance and the internal linking of the pages to one another for optimal readability of the page by the search engine crawler.
Off-Page factors include managing reputation of websites on the internet with e.g. positioning backlinks for the website.
The search engine optimization measures include the implementation of both On-Page and Off-page measures. The first step in defining the SEO measures is always an SEO analysis and the creation of a prioritized SEO measure catalog. After the detailed discussion of these measures for search engine optimization, the actual SEO support takes place in cooperation with you and usually also with the programmers of the website, i.e. the implementation of the measures discussed and the review of e.g. technical measures.


Search engine optimization – an example

An example: You run an online shop for “perfume” and the competitive situation is fierce, so that your shop is not on the first page of the search engine results for the most important and relevant search terms. You want to significantly increase the number of visitors to your site and also the conversion rate. This is exactly where our SEO support comes in and brings your online shop forward through targeted measures such as targeted keyword optimization in the search engine results.


Process of SEO support

The SEO specialists at internetwarriors examine different perspectives before the actual SEO optimization ist taking place. On the one hand, there is the technical search engine optimization to prepare the website for crawling and indexing by search engines like Google. On the other hand, there are the on-site SEO measures described above to show search engines that your website contains relevant content and the off-site measures to link the website to high-ranking and trustworthy platforms. We do these analyses in an innovative way and with the use of the latest and most up-to-date SEO tools.

We, as SEO Agency Berlin, will work with you to create a timetable for a regular exchange via telephone, Hangouts, Skype or other communication platforms. On request, we can set up ticket systems such as Trello or Asana for you and ensure that they are updated regularly. Depending on the size of the project, we create ToDos for the next weeks or months and discuss the time management and implementation with you.

As an experienced SEO agency in Berlin, we are able to discuss the marketing goals with you and help you to set relevant goals for your company.
For example, when can you expect to get higher rankings? When will the optimizations for search engines show an effect and generate more traffic on your website? Together with you, we define smart goals that basically consist of five elements: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based goals.

The easiest way to see whether the SEO optimizations are taking effect is by setting up regular reports. Together with you we will discuss the desired KPIs for your reporting.
Whether monthly or quarterly – with the help of Google Data Studio we will build a completely individual reporting for you. Are there different target groups in your company? The internetwarriors create targeted reports for marketing managers or executives. This means that only the target group-relevant KPIs are displayed. This enables a quick understanding of the status of SEO optimizations and a successful implementation.
You will work with our experienced project leaders who can show you results that have been achieved with current or previous clients. A professional digital marketing company has a portfolio of past projects in which online visibility, SEO rankings, SEO optimized texts, online reputation management and much more are presented. Take a look at our customer success stories [LINK auf User Cases].

Optimization for search engines with the internetwarriors

Our experienced SEO experts will be happy to support you in making your website or online shop easier to find in search engine results. From the SEO analysis of your site, the creation of an individual catalog of measures and the implementation of the measures to continuous reporting on rankings, we offer you an all-round SEO support. We are happy to train you or your editorial staff in all SEO questions.
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