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We take over the media planning and increase the efficiency of your online marketing budget!

Through media planning, the implementation of various media for the purpose of online marketing is mapped out.Before the various campaigns are set up, different questions are answered, which lead to the development of the online marketing strategy. In this way, specific aspects of the strategy, for instance, the necessary budget, the target audience, the campaign slogan, the advertising method (the type of media and advertising material), duration and geographic planning, as well as the time frame needed for the campaign development are ascertained.


Goals of Media Planning

Media planning ensures that the advertising budget is used in the best way possible in order to fulfil the set communication objectives, for instance, by enhancing the popularity of a product or brand, or increasing profits. Among the most important key figures in media planning are range of distribution and number of contacts (CPM is the prevalent calculation for banner prices, indicating the cost per thousand impressions based on the number of pop ups.) Aside from quantitative factors, a high quality is equally important in reaching precisely the target audience, without undue wastage.

The Choice

The Choice of Advertising Media

Inter-media selection evaluates the different media groups according to their effectiveness for implementing communication objectives and selects the appropriate media. Criteria for the evaluation are, for instance, the range of distribution and circulation of the media, the duration of its availability and the production costs. The credibility and image of the media, as well as editorial and promotional scale are also important considerations.

What We Can Do For You

We assist you with media planning, to get the most effective and success-oriented results for your budget. With your cooperation, we define the appropriate target audience, select the right advertising media and develop a marketing campaign for you.
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