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The 360° Performance Marketing Agency Berlin.

Are you looking for a data-driven marketing strategy that makes successes and failures more tangible and understandable using measurable KPIs? Would you like to sustainably increase click-through rate, conversion rate, impressions or sales?

The experts at internetwarriors as an agency for performance marketing will work with you to develop the optimal strategy to implement and achieve your targeted goals. We identify suitable channels and campaigns for your company and define KPIs and targets in order to make success measurable on the basis of comprehensive data sets and to get optimizations underway.

„Our goal is to achieve sustainable, measurable success with our customers. In the age of DSGVO regulation and the challenge of collecting valid data, the internetwarriors are ideally positioned. We know campaigns and can successfully achieve business goals together with customers on the basis of highly professional data collection. And we’ve been doing it for 20 years!”

Karina Nikolova


What is Performance Marketing?

Performance marketing definition: Performance marketing, also known as performance advertising, is a strategy in online marketing. Using predefined KPIs (key performance indicators) and metrics, advertising measures can be implemented, evaluated and optimized with the help of a comprehensive database. Due to the quantifiability of all advertising measures, performance marketing is one of the most attractive strategies in online marketing.

Ideally, the maximum possible efficiency of the individual forms of advertising is not only determined but also achieved by means of optimization. The use of various channels and different instruments in online marketing provides a high degree of flexibility, especially since parameters can still be adjusted within ongoing campaigns. Targeted corporate goals such as new customer acquisition, long-term customer loyalty, increasing click rates, impressions or sales, addressing new target groups or increasing brand presence can be realized with performance marketing.


How does performance marketing work?

A performance marketing strategy rests on four key pillars, each of which is central to success.

1. Formulate marketing objectives: In order to measure the performance of a campaign, goals must be defined up front. The focus must be on measurable goals so that data-supported evaluation and optimization can be performed. The SMART method has proven to be particularly valuable in this context: Goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and related to a specific time period.

2. Choose marketing tools: Flexibility is a key advantage of performance marketing. In online marketing, you have a choice between search engine advertising (SEA), search engine optimization (SEO), display advertising, social media marketing, email marketing and affiliate marketing. It is not crucial to use as many instruments as possible. Rather, the selected channels should effectively contribute to the formulated goal.

3. Monitoring the campaigns: performance marketing pursues the goal of making the results of the campaigns and measures visible. The effects are thus subject to permanent monitoring. Tools such as Google Analytics or the Google Search Console provide timely data records that allow initial conclusions to be drawn.

4. Optimization of the measures: Based on the data obtained, an evaluation and associated optimization of the instruments and campaigns can be carried out. In the ideal case, only minor adjustments are necessary. In the worst case, the choice of a marketing instrument may prove to be wrong and must be replaced by another.

Conclusion: Performance marketing delivers measurable results within a short period of time and allows detailed conclusions to be drawn about each campaign played out. Targeted optimization measures contribute to the achievement of predefined goals.


Which channels are used in performance marketing?

Performance marketing offers the possibility of using various marketing channels and instruments. The decisive factor in the selection is measurable goals that are defined in advance.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA):Search engine advertising is an instrument that offers an excellent data basis. In addition to cost per click (CPC), click-through rate (CTR), dwell time or PI/visit ratio can be effective levers within performance marketing. Google Ads certainly have the biggest share in this, but Bing Ads and Amazon Ads can also support targeted business goals.

Search engine optimization (SEO):Within performance marketing strategies, search engine optimization is one of the most complex instruments. This is accompanied by goals such as improving search engine rankings combined with increasing visitor numbers to a website. SEO goals can be an improved click-through rate (CTR), a longer dwell time, more impressions or a lower bounce rate. The generation of backlinks or the optimization of loading times and other technical aspects of a website are factors that can positively influence an SEO strategy.

Display advertising:In display advertising, videos, animations, graphics or images are used as advertising media to attract attention. Performance marketing relies on success-based models that document the results of display advertising. These include actions (pay-per-click), a registration (pay-per-lead) or a purchase (pay-per-sale).

Social media marketing:Social networks offer themselves as a special performance marketing tool, because there is usually a quick response from users and potential customers to campaigns, content and ads. Direct communication via posts and comments or building up your own community in the form of fans or followers are KPIs that can be anchored within a social media strategy. Paid campaigns (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc…) allow for an unproblematic measurement of success. The price per ad, the number of visitors or sales as well as shares, likes or comments can be excellently evaluated on a data basis.

E-mail marketing:E-mail marketing as a traditional channel within online marketing still has its raison d’être when it comes to achieving corporate goals. Offer e-mails, feedback e-mails, reminder e-mails or newsletters or congratulations or holiday greetings can be used in a targeted manner to increase the number of subscribers, the opening rate or the delivery rate.

Affiliate marketing:Affiliate marketing is a performance channel par excellence, because traffic is generated for you as an advertiser or merchant via other websites, which has two positive side effects. Potential customers first come into contact with the product or service and, ideally, a sale is then generated. However, payment is only made for the sale. Measurable KPIs in affiliate marketing are revenue per click, the number of cancellations or returns.

What are the most important KPIs in performance marketing?

In performance marketing, the efficiency of measures and campaigns must be verifiable through key performance indicators. Basically, all KPIs must be perfectly aligned with the respective marketing tool in order to be able to draw meaningful conclusions. The most important KPIs can be summarized in three different categories:

  • Reach: Reach can be measured by the number of impressions or visitors (SEA/SEO) or by the number of fans or followers (social media marketing).
  • Interactions: Successful interactions can be measured by the CPM (thousand-contact price), the cost per click (CPC) or the cost per action (CPA).
  • Transactions: Measurable KPIs in connection with transactions include the revenue generated by selected advertising measures, the cost per lead (CPL) or the cost per sale (CPS).

internetwarriors – Your Agency for Performance Marketing

Are you planning measures or campaigns in online marketing and would like to make their successes traceable on the basis of measurable data? With warriors’ many years of experience in the field of performance marketing, we can work with you to develop targeted strategies that are in line with your corporate goals and precisely tailored to your situation, your industry, and your customers. With us at your side, you receive support in selecting and effectively using the right performance channels. With campaigns developed especially for you and company-oriented content, together we create the basis for sustainable success in performance marketing. Right from the start of the collaboration, comprehensive monitoring of all KPIs relevant to the company begins, which were previously agreed upon in the objectives. Within a very short time, this results in the possibility of evaluating and optimizing all measures and campaigns, which will be played out in an even more targeted manner in the future through fine-tuning. Convince yourself of our expertise in the field of performance marketing. Our team in Berlin is looking forward to supporting you! Contact us now without obligation and get a quote!


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