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With the help of web analysis you understand your users better

A professional execution of online marketing techniques includes a complete evaluation of the various campaigns. With the help of professional analysis programs,  the behaviour of website visitors can be analysed in detail and evaluated. Thus, the traffic sources, duration of the visit and click rate can be determined , and the development of such can be monitored over time. Aside from the general evaluation of user behaviour, a detailed analysis of online marketing campaigns is also especially important. This enables the results of, for instance, various search engine marketing campaigns or measures for search engine optimisation of the website to be monitored.


The most widely distributed web analysis software is the free program Google Analytics, which enables comprehensive evaluation. This software is still utilised on many websites, but has been, however,  increasingly discredited in recent years due to insufficient data protection according to the ratings.

Although Google Analytics is the best-known web analysis software,  there are numerous other professional programs which deliver similarly substantial statistics while fulfilling the data protection agents’ terms of data protection by de-personalising the data. Since 2001, we have worked with all available analysis tools, like, for instance, etracker, omniture and Webtrekk, and can assist you with data protection accordance and  professional analysis. Additionally, we have been a solution partner of the web analysis tool AnalyzerNX since 2010, which was awarded with the technical inspection seal of approval by the Saarland Technical Inspection Association. AnalyzerNX enables the data from the website to be measured, compared, grouped and segmented  in real time.


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