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Conversion Optimization – or how users become customers

Alongside on-page optimization, conversion optimization is among the most important measures for insuring the success of a website.

In contrast to landing page optimization, conversion optimization deals with all pages on the website having to do with the conversion process, for instance, the home page, the landing pages for online marketing campaigns, pages for the ordering process, search results and entry form pages. Conversion optimization can be seen as a sort of meta-discipline, as it requires a multitude of knowledge in various areas, for instance, sales gimmicks, usability, consumer psychology, the basics of online marketing and sales strategy.


Optimizing the Home Page

The home page of a web presentation is generally the page most often viewed. It gives the user the first impression of the companies products or services. An appealing and well-designed layout as well as clearly written information and well-structured navigation are among the most vital factors for the success of a website’s home page. Professional and relevant images are just as important as the appropriate headings and corresponding links. Further contents of the home page should not distract from the main topics of interest: links to blogs, newsletters, social media services, new products, etc., should be clearly indicated, but not displayed in an intrusive manner.

Landing Page Optimization

The conversion optimization of the landing page is also referred to as landing page optimization. It is geared towards a particular action to be carried out by the user accessing it, for instance, the purchase of a product or registration for a newsletter.

Optimization in the Ordering Process

On pages intended for the purpose of ordering, conversion optimization is particularly important. Someone visiting the page who has put items in his or her shopping cart with intent to place an order will, in most cases, disrupt the conversion–a sale in this case, if the ordering process is too tedious or complicated.  In addition to a clear layout, the instructions regarding the ordering process are very important. A status bar provides information about the number of remaining steps and the current step in the process, for instance, the entry of user data, application for a user account, entry of a shipping address, the selection of payment methods, and as a last step, a summary page confirming the order.

Optimizing the Search

A search function is important not only for online shops, but also for information sites. However, it only contributes to the success of the site if it delivers good, concise results. The search should function regardless of misspellings. A list of suggested keywords given upon the entry of a subject is also helpful. The list of results should include titles and written excerpts regarding the contents of the given sites.

Optimizing Forms

The objective of a form page is that the user fills it out as completely as possible and sends it. To reach this goal, it is important that the user knows why he or she should fill out the form and is only required to fill out the most necessary information. The page should be well-structured and provide understandable notice in the case of misspellings or the lack of information. Captchas increase protection against spam, however often lead to higher bounce rates.

What We Can Do For You

We optimize your site in order to achieve the highest possible rate of conversion, enabling you to increase profits and get the best results for your online marketing strategy. With a higher conversion rate through keyword advertising, for example, increased budgets and selections are made possible.

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