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Usability Optimization

Websites should not only be optimized for search engines, but should also be as user-friendly as possible for the people who visit them.

Good usability essentially contributes in turning viewers into customers and regular users. Users must be able to use the website quickly and intuitively, in order to find products or information. Quite often, the first impression of the website determines whether the user leaves the site or continues with the navigation. In the short time it takes to make a decision, unconscious factors particularly play a significant role. If the user decides to stay on the website, cognisant factors, such as simple navigation come into play.

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Principles of Website Usability

Usability is always unique. It depends on the target audience as well as the extent of the website and what it offers. A negative example of usability is, for instance, a website that is crowded with too many banners, images, text, navigation and other contents. In order to make a positive and professional impression, a neatly laid out website with clear information is important. Related topics should be grouped together optically. Symmetric layouts generally result in a positive evaluation by users.

Navigation and Links

The navigation should be practical, well-structured and simplify an overview of the website for the user, making the desired information or products as accessible as possible. The points of navigation must be clearly marked and precise. Not only the navigation, but also links within the text should be indicated thusly. It also makes sense to remove items which may spark an impulse to click, but which are not linked to further information, thus leading to a higher click rate to actual links. These can be words in bold text or un-linked words which are underlined. Information on the entire website should be written consistently, and with the target audience in mind. Clear instructions and understandable help and error notices also simplify navigation through the site.

User Tests

Through user tests, changes in usability can be checked. Analysis tools can also be of help in monitoring results. Quotas, such as the rate of conversion, number of website users, necessary length of time for reaching a particular goal, or the number of users according to a particular function help to determine whether or not the usability measures are successful.

What We Can Do For You

We analyse your website according to its usability points, conduct usability tests and develop an appropriate usability strategy for optimum user-friendliness on your site. Fill the requirements of your target audience and increase your profits through an optimised and user-friendly website.

Usability Optimization

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