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Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Marketing with Google AdWords

The most important SEM platforms are Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing. If both of these platforms are concentrated in the SEM strategy, the majority of the German market for paid search results is covered.

With Google AdWords, advertisements can be booked for the right side of the search results or directly over them. Furthermore, the advertisements can be inserted onto the site of the search network (Google Display Network). Aside from the most prevalent form, the text advertisement, image and video advertisements can also be inserted. Besides that, AdWords offers new formats, such as product enhancement, and the possibility of choosing favoured products to be shown in the advertisement. An existing product feed from Google Merchant Center can be used for this purpose.

What We Can Do For You:

An AdWords Agency can implement and evaluate search engine marketing techniques professionally, especially for large campaigns. We accompany you in the establishment of the first campaign, on to the evaluation, reporting and optimisation of the landing pages, and with layout and brand maintenance, we can help you strengthen your products and increase traffic on your website.

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Search Engine Advertising

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