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The 360 ​​° Content Marketing Agency Berlin.

Do you run a website and don’t get any visitors? Or do you run an online shop and visitors come to your shop, but leave the site without purchasing a product?

As a content marketing agency, we work with you to develop an individual content strategy for your company and your website. With high-quality page content, you improve your position in the search results as well as the visitor flow or traffic and increase the duration of the session on your website successfully and sustainably.

“Content marketing can convert unique site visitors to interacting customers. High-quality content can be used universally, covers the needs of the users and ensures a positive brand image.”



What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing method with which tailor-made and high-quality content is created for the users of a website. Content forms the basis for the success of a website and reinforces other marketing activities such as AdWords ads, social media, etc. In addition, the multimedia integration of images, videos or podcasts can be used to support the texts.

Content on a website or on other pages is not primarily intended to promote your company. It is rather a part of corporate communication that primarily has the following goals:

  • lead generation
  • brand building / awareness
  • customer loyalty
  • link building

When defining the term content marketing, the opinions and views of the experts differ. From the point of view of SEO, content marketing is an important part of search engine optimization and essential for corporate communication. We will also show you a content marketing process in which e.g. we can support you as a content marketing agency.


Benefits of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a good way of accompanying and addressing customers throughout the entire customer journey. Good content can generate large reach through viral effects free of charge and should always be produced in a user-centered manner. If you want to make your company more competitive, you should rely on content marketing. Strategic content marketing not only helps to win customers over from users, but also binds them to your brand over the long term.

Content marketing offers the following advantages:

  • user-centered
  • works in all phases of the customer journey
  • brand awareness
  • brand loyalty
  • customer loyalty


Content Marketing Process

The content marketing process includes: research, planning, creation, distribution and analysis.

At the beginning of the content marketing process there is a detailed research for target group-specific topic finding. It is not only important to include relevant keywords with a significant search volume, but also current or brand-new topics as well as the integration of suitable case studies or the development of backlinks.

Once the brainstorming process has started, it should be shown in a clear presentation, for example in the form of an editorial plan. An editorial plan ideally contains:

  • responsible person
  • due dates for tasks
  • topics sorted according to topicality, potential and relevance

This enables high-quality content to be prepared and published at the right times, in order to achieve greater visibility of your website.

When creating content, the added value and benefits for the user come first. But also, the page structure, the semantic relevance – easy recognition of the topic – as well as the reading flow must be considered. In addition to the creation of texts, it is also advantageous to include topic-related images or videos. Short and concise content-related alt tags and labels should be added here.

Often companies get support from content marketing agencies if they don’t have qualified staff and time in-house. Content marketing is an ongoing process that should publish content at regular frequencies.

The created content should also contain selected relevant keywords. Keywords are search terms that users can use to search for and find your page content. There are a few tools that will tell you which keywords your website is already ranking for, meaning to be in the top 100 search results pages from Google. High-quality content therefore contains subject-relevant keywords, including a primary keyword, which should be included in all cases in the H1 heading, the page title and in the meta description.

fig. 1 Search query with keyword

It is not enough to overcrowd good content with keywords. It is very important to ensure the reading flow for users. That means easy to understand content, no long nesting sentences and endless enumerations.

After content has been created, it must be found and seen by users. Because even the best content is of no use to you if nobody sees it. The targeted distribution of content, also called seeding, on organic and paid channels increases the visibility of your website on the Internet and consequently its ranking in the search results.

The high-quality articles can be published on blogs, social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and company websites, or they can be used on third-party sites such as media portals.

Up to this point in the content marketing process, a lot of time and money has been invested from brainstorming to content distribution. Now you need to analyze whether and what kind of benefit the marketing activities have brought. With the help of web analysis, it can be tracked how much time a user has spent on which pages with which content. You can also see which actions were carried out on the page, be it a PDF download or a click on an image.

Precise monitoring is required to understand how your content and campaigns performed.

The following KPIs should be analyzed:

  • rankings
  • visibility
  • number of organic visitors
  • user behavior on the website

Content Marketing Agency internetwarriors

If you need support with your content marketing, please contact us free of charge. Internetwarriors is the online marketing agency in Berlin that offers a full range of services, from advice to the implementation of measures to continuous support for sustainable success.

Our content marketing experts at internetwarriors will be happy to support you in creating a content strategy for your website or online shop which is aligned with your goals. The visibility in the Google search engine results has to be improved in general and the visitor to your site is offered relevant information through high quality content. Our content marketing experts will be happy to create high-quality content for your website for this purpose.

We also offer individual editorial training courses that teach you or your employees the basics of creating such texts.

Let our team and our expertise in content marketing from Berlin convince you.

Contact us now and get an offer!

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