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Content marketing, as the term implies, is a method of marketing which focuses on content. More precisely, the objective is to compile and insert informative or interesting content which relates to a company and its products or services. Content marketing is not a measure which is to be regarded as a separate entity from other online marketing channels, but rather, acts in supporting other methods of marketing in order to offer the best possible results for your company.

The objective is not to compile contents for their own sake. The intention of content marketing is to reach certain goals: increasing the publicity of your company or brand, building your reputation, generating backlinks and public interest, increasing sales and maintaining the loyalty of current customers.


SEO goes PR

Classical link marketing, which has been an integral part of every SEO strategy for years, no longer promises any success, and can, in fact, cause damage to websites. Since Google heavily controls seemingly improbable links and punishes numerous domains for having questionable profiles, backlinks have become an even more sensitive issue than before. An active link set-up yields more and more link acquisition with the help of content marketing.

The underlying principal is to compile valuable, original and relevant content which attracts attention and results in unsolicited linkage (as opposed to links which are traded or sold). At the same time, content marketing can help you acquire authority in your field, for instance, by accurately placing guests’ comments on major portals and in magazines or trade journals which are relevant to your business and are frequently read by potential customers. This not only results in increased publicity and new links, but also signals search engines to respond to your authority.


Content strategy and compilation

The first step in every content marketing activity is always defining particular objectives. Depending on the goals and distinct target groups, channels and formats are established: for instance, a personal company blog, guest commentaries, social media platforms, press portals, newsletters, blog posts, podcasts, videos, e-books or web-seminars.

Before compiling the contents, all of the components, channels and rate of publicity, as well as the planned methods of content distribution are ascertained within an editorial outline. The first priority here is focusing on the needs and interests of your target group: Which topics and formats ensure success in gaining new customers and maintaining current ones? How can interested visitors be assisted? What information is required by users who are interested in your products or services?

What We Can Do for You:

We offer our support from developing an individual content strategy to the compilation and distribution of the contents. Our content marketing experts research appropriate topics for you, observe the markets in your field of business and identify current trends and important general topics of interest, which relate to your target group. In order to reach a wide range, development and optimization of the content is further supported with other important content marketing tools, such as the use of keywords and search engines for content distribution. We identify relevant platforms and industry leaders, and also place your contents on other platforms which relate to your potential customers.

In addition, we will gladly educate your editors in the areas of content management, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. It is important to us that your contents are not only compiled for search engines, but also for the accessibilty to visitors.

And that’s not all: Content should not be implemented solely for increased visibility on search engines and more visits to your website. Through targeted methods of content marketing, you can also increase sales and maintain a growing customer base.


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