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Get better in Social Media with Social Media Marketing Berlin

The so-called 2.0 platforms exhibit increasing success and are thus becoming more significant for online marketing. One can roughly discern two types of marketing here: the user generated portal, for which no registration is necessary, the main focus being on content, such as communities with user profiles, and a secured area accessible only through registration for which the main focus is on communication. Aside from these, one generally distinguishes between interdisciplinary portals and target audience-oriented, topic-related portals.

The Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing offers businesses numerous advantages. In this way, users often work as multipliers, attracting more customers and spreading advertising slogans. Customer contact is more direct, and communication with the customer somewhat simplified. Particularly highly frequented platforms reach a wide range of influence and thereby generate professionally advantageous and comparatively low costs for wide coverage. Additionally, target audiences in internet communities are easily identifiable and can be distinguished from one another. Thus, social media platforms can be used to maintain a company’s online reputation while advertising its products and brands. They function like distribution channels, and thanks to the large amount of information regarding the users, they are likewise an instrument for market research.

Different Social Media Platforms

Video platforms, such as Youtube or MyVideo, bookmarking services, like Mister Wong, social networking sites like XING, and Facebook, social shopping and podcasting sites, ratings pages like Ciao and the classic corporate blogs for PR and marketing purposes are among the most important social media groups.


Facebook, presently the most successful social networking platform, offers various possibilities for online marketing. So-called fan pages can be used as open profiles for businesses, brands or products, which can, to a certain degree, be personally designed. On these profiles, photos, videos, events, news, and applications can be shared. Facebook is also linked to Twitter, so that messages can immediately appear on the Facebook message board. Here it is important to have unique contents, and not simply a copy of a website or blog.



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