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Tracking Implementation
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Tracking Implementation

You can only meet customers’ needs in the best possible way if you know what they need. But how do you get insight into the wants of your own target group? The digital solution for your website is to install web tracking. Website tracking gives exciting insights into user behavior on your website. Whether Google Analytics, Matomo or eTracker – there are numerous web analytics tools available to analyze user behavior.

As a web analysis agency in Berlin, we support you both in choosing the right tool and in the final installation of web tracking on your website. Find out more about why website tracking is recommended for successful business development and what advantages and disadvantages the various tools offer you.

„Web tracking gives you the opportunity to get to know your target group in detail. Follow the path from the first contact to the conversion and optimize your website with regard to the specific user needs.“

Halid Osmaev



The term website tracking refers to the recording and analysis of specific user behavior on a website. It falls under the field of web analytics and gives you insights into how users behave while visiting your website.

Until a few years ago, capturing such web activity was a large and demanding effort. Complex software had to be set up on the web server to evaluate visitor logs and create meaningful statistics. This not only consumed valuable resources of the development team, but in many cases also had a negative impact on the speed of the web server. Fortunately, digital innovation is also progressing steadily in the field of web analytics, so that the web tracking installation of informative web analytics tools is much easier these days.

Choosing the appropriate web analytic tool

One of the best known and most used web analytics tools is Google Analytics.
Especially since the updated version Google Analytics 4, the tool offers a wide range of evaluation options. We regularly integrate Google Analytics because it is easy to use due to its user-friendly structure.

But even those who want to fall back on non-Google alternatives will find what they are looking for. The web analysis tool eTracker stands out with its German server and short loading time. However, some knowledge is required to integrate eTracker. The web analytics tool Matomo (formerly Piwik) is particularly easy to customize due to the open source code. Matomo also allows hosting on its own servers, thereby granting maximum data control.

Which tool is the right one depends on the individual wishes and requirements of your own website. These are the most important advantages and disadvantages of the most popular web analytics tools at a glance:

Google Analytics


  • Very easy installation
  • The free version comes with many functions
  • User-friendly design
  • Large user base and good linkage to other Google products (Search Console & Google Ads)
  • Simple integration into shop systems and CMS


  • Requires experience due to the variety of features
  • Features such as heat maps or session recordings are not available



  • Open source code that is easily customizable
  • Allows more data control through hosting on own server
  • Includes additional features such as heat maps, session recording and form tracking
  • Simple integration into shop systems and CMS


  • Complex installation that requires experience
  • Some additional functions require an additional fee



  • Short loading time
  • User-friendly design
  • Short training period is possible
  • Servers are located in Germany


  • Complex installation that requires experience
  • Technical know-how required for operation
  • Only conditionally accessible free of charge
Regardless of whether you want to install Google Analytics, eTracker or Matomo – we have the necessary experience to both implement the web tracking tools and take care of the individual setup for you. Of course, the market also has other analysis tools in store for you, all of which come with various advantages and disadvantages.

That is why it is worth installing web tracking

The smallest changes on your website have a huge impact on the number of users visiting your website. Thanks to web analytics, you can find out whether there is a need for improvement or whether the changes made have a positive effect. To do this, analysis tools use various metrics that evaluate visitor flows in detail:

The page view records how often a page is viewed. This way you can find out which content is relevant to your target group and which is less interesting. In this way, the content creation can be planned more easily and tailored to the wishes and needs of your own target group.

The metric of the number of users shows you whether your audience has grown and whether advertising measures have been successful. In particular, the users who visit your site generate so-called sessions. You can use these to recreate the visitor’s journey through your website. This is how you gain valuable information for your sales, marketing and product teams. By tracking the start and end points, the website can be optimized for the target group. This optimization can also relate to personalization, as customers and visitors expect more and more personalization than ever before. Advanced analysis tools also determine whether a visitor is new or has visited your site before.

Additionally, with the installation of web tracking, it is possible to find out through which source a user found your site. Evaluate with the help of web analytics whether played campaigns, posts in the social networks or an organic search have been the starting point of the page view.

Even if users leave your site, website tracking gives you insight into the possible reasons or causes. The time a user spends on your site is an important indicator of their interest in your service or product. The lower your website’s so-called bounce rate, the more people will enjoy the content you show them. The bounce rate can therefore be used as an indicator for relevant content.

These metrics are just examples of the multitude of options that website tracking offers you. Depending on the web analytics tool, you gain more or less information. We would be happy to work with you to determine which information is relevant for your website.

internetwarriors – Your web analytics agency in Berlin

Website tracking based data-driven marketing is the foundation for the further development of your business. Don’t waste potential and opt for a digital tracking tool to learn more about user behavior on your website.

Error-free implementation of a tracking tool requires extensive expertise in the field of web analytics. With more than 20 years of experience as a web analytics agency in Berlin, we are passionate about helping you install the web analytic tool of your choice from the very beginning. We are happy to advise you on choosing the right software to successfully implement web tracking in accordance with your individual wishes and requirements.

Do you want 360° assistance? Even after the successful implementation of tracking, we provide regular reportings on the user behavior of your website as part of our SEO support. On request, we carry out customer journey and usability analyses in order to ideally address target groups and ensure the user-friendliness of your website.

We look forward to your inquiry. Contact us now free of charge and without obligation!

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