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Online marketing training as a signpost for customer acquisition.

About searching and being found on the web
As an online marketing agency, we also offer online marketing training: We’re happy to share our expertise because it puts you ahead in online marketing!

“Our workshops and training courses are individually tailored to your needs. No matter what the topic, we will get you to your goal in the best possible way.”

Johannes Stabel


The goal of our online marketing training courses?

We can’t be everywhere at the same time. An exchange with clients that acquire knowledge on their own can be very fruitful. And finally: we want to share our online marketing knowledge. And make the online world a little bit better step by step. Optimisation is our corporate DNA.


What do you get out of it

In the end, we will contribute to your professional success. We want you to be able to approach your online marketing in the right way.

We will explain the interaction of content and technology to attract new customers, improve customer loyalty and further the marketing you have already built. If you’re a complete newbie, go ahead and familiarise yourself with the English terminology in Online Marketing.

It’s like learning vocabulary, but you’ll get the hang of it faster than you think.
In our online marketing training courses, we show practical tools (online marketing tools!) by Google for efficiently and financially manageable advertising to reach targeted users.


We offer these trainings

Our experienced experts provide in-depth training for various disciplines in online marketing.

The topic is Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords.The name already gives it away: It is primarily about the search engine Google. The biggest search engine simply has the most attention. We train you to understand the basic principles – also for other search engines like Bing or Yahoo.

You will learn the structure of the Google Ads interface, learn to create campaigns and Google Ads. We’ll show you how to set up a Google account and use it effectively.

What we promise: Our Google Adwords seminars are led by experienced staff from our Berlin agency. Don’t worry: You won’t become a “nerd” right away. The goal is to understand the potential of Google Ads, to use it and to advance your business with a good conversion rate.

Search Engine Optimization. You have probably heard about it. An important component, but by far not the only one, are keywords, i.e. search terms.

Whatever you sell, whatever service you offer – if someone searches for it on the web, you want to appear organically first! For this, your website would have to be placed at the top of the search results. And for that, search engine optimization is THE online marketing tool.
In our SEO training, we show you how to increase your reach by increasing the click-through rate, how to optimize the content of your website and make it user-friendly, how to analyze a customer’s user intentions – and thus how to use the appropriate keywords.

We reveal SEO tools for analyzing competitors, evaluate websites according to this and quickly recognize whether websites are optimized for search engines. Is your website user-friendly and has a high “usability”? We explain how your customers will immediately search for what they need and buy from you.

Yes, social media channels are also a good tool for online marketing and have great potential for successful advertising. Are you unsure whether social media advertising fits your interests? After our social media training courses, you’ll be in the loop about what’s going on in social media and able to place professional, converting ads yourself.

So it’s not so much about educating you on the basic use of these social media channels – you can do that just by signing up and trying them out. Rather, we teach how to use social media wisely and effectively for customer acquisition.

We’d love to invite you to our Facebook training. All of our training courses take place at the business level – but are also perfect for social media beginners.
We’ll explain whether you “should do something about it” – and if so, how.

Many companies have created a Facebook account. And then simply copied the website content there. That’s often it. If you’re feeling caught right now: it’s not illegal. But you are missing out on unused potential. In our workshop on Facebook marketing, we show you how to use likes and posts to get your company talked about and attract attention.

Our experienced staff at our Berlin online marketing/social media agency will train you on what content hits your target audience in the heart, how to communicate with the community online – because you should in any case – what posts you can write, in what frequency and at what time online users see the content most. You’ll get likes with our online marketing support and get talking and interacting with your customers through smart posts and comments.

We make you fit in online marketing

Become an AdWords manager, a social media representative, a marketing manager. The internetwarriors equip you with sound online marketing knowledge for strategies and analyses. Move through the web in a targeted and profitable way. Because that is our incentive in all online marketing trainings!

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