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The Online Marketing Concept: Your plan for success

A marketing concept is the basis for creating a successful online marketing strategy and implementing goal-oriented measures.

The concept insures the incorporation of a company’s available information channels, responsibilities, budgets, fields of competition, structures of profit, distribution and clientele, target audiences and current PR and marketing provisions. It also includes estimations for overhead costs and operating expenses.


Components of the Marketing Concept

The most important step within the framework of the marketing concept is an appraisal of the current business situation. Everything including internal and external resources, current products, internal and external information paths, work flow, clientele, distribution channels, partners, target audiences and the methods used up to this point for gaining and keeping new customers both online and offline are taken into consideration. Checklists are an effective instrument in making a concise preliminary appraisal. All planned marketing channels must be orchestrated with the corporate environment as well as branches and fields of competition. Through effective interaction with other advertising channels, text and images, for example, can be used repeatedly.

What We Can Do For You:

Through our pitch form, we become acquainted with you and your concerns, and can better answer questions and solve problems. You also get a glimpse into our working methods, in order to evaluate us and our services.

In our agency, each project is overseen by a project manager who is also the contact person.  

By drawing up a total concept, we work with you to develop a basis for successful online marketing for your business.  Various online marketing channels are integrated with the help of a goal-oriented strategy for classic communication. Our working methods are transparent, so that you can see precisely how and where your budget is implemented.
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