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Data feed – the right database

For your Google Ads campaigns to perform well, the quality of the product data must be correspondingly high. The relevance of the product data provided is decisive for the success of the campaign. On the basis of this data, Google can make an assessment as to whether the ads placed match specific search queries.

In addition, the following applies: Only those who provide high-quality data material can successfully set themselves apart from the competition. Due to the increasing complexity of the channels, the requirements for product data feeds have increased enormously over time. It is therefore very time-consuming to manually operate the process of product data optimization for individual channels.

With the help of our expertise and optimization tools for product data, we can help you improve your Google Ads campaigns so that the organization of your product data improves, resulting in better optimized results. The result is more playouts by Google and better relevance of the product ads. internetwarriors GmbH supports you in optimizing your product data feeds.

“The commercial success of your Google Shopping campaigns depends heavily on the quality of your product data. We specifically increase the visibility and relevance of your products, giving you an important competitive advantage.”

Markus Beck

Our services

Our services as an agency for product data optimization

As a full-service online marketing agency, we take a sustainable and continuous approach to your marketing performance. We work with you to develop an individually tailored concept for your advertising via Google Shopping and help you create and optimize product data feeds.

We offer the following services for product data optimization:

  • Monitoring of the feeds
  • Quick error analysis
  • Product data enrichment
  • Creation Google Merchant Center
  • Email alert setup
  • Product specific feed editing
  • Technical and performance consulting
  • Professional product data handling
  • Strategic consulting

Data Security

Every company faces the challenge of protecting sensitive company data from unauthorized access by third parties. Data security is a top priority for internetwarriors GmbH.

Set up regular backups

Data feeds are updated on a regular basis. The problem: These regular updates often lead to a high error susceptibility of the data feed system. Total failures of Google Shopping, for example, are the result. With the use of a product data optimization tool, you prevent, among other things, that incorrect data feeds are uploaded and put online.

Email Alert Setup

Damit Sie zukünftig keine wichtigen Entwicklungen mehr verpassen, richten wir für Sie automatische Benachrichtigungen per Email ein. Diese informieren Sie zum Beispiel bei folgenden Ereignissen:

  • Errors of the data feed updates
  • Changes in store categories
  • New Google taxonomies

These notifications allow you to react to changes or updates in a timely manner.

Editing options of your data

In order for your Google Ads campaigns to perform well, this product data must be adjusted regularly. We take care of the product-specific editing of all fields. Even complex replacements and enrichment by script rules are possible. Of course, we take care of the implementation for you.

Technical and performance consulting

Benefit from our proactive consulting. Our many years of knowledge enable us to give you a practice-proven handling for a better functionality of the tool to significantly increase the performance of your shopping campaigns.

Professional product data handling

We take care of the handling of your feed and your products. In addition, we take care of updating your product data for you.

Product price and availability thus always remain up to date.

Product data enrichment

We take care of the assignment and maintenance of the Google taxonomy for you. The success of the campaign results to a significant extent from the amount of existing, relevant product data. This is achieved by enriching the feed with success indicators. To this end, we add missing fields or product information and use fields that go beyond the mandatory information. Our specialists also ensure a uniform structure of the data.

Optimization of product data

We adapt the titles and descriptions of your products. We pay attention to individual and meaningful descriptions. In this way, you gain increased visibility and performance in Google Shopping. By processing errors and warnings in the Merchant Center, we ensure high-performance campaigns. By optimizing the content of individual fields, we also achieve a measurable increase in data quality.


Advantages through the optimization of product data feeds

  • Increase visibility
  • Increase click-through rate
  • Increase of conversions
  • Increase in sales
  • Saving costs

Your agency in the field of product data optimization

Do you need support in creating, customizing and handling your product data, then feel free to contact us for free.

As an experienced online marketing agency in the field of product data optimization, we support and develop your campaigns and data feeds. We offer a full range of services, from consulting to the implementation of measures to continuous support for sustainable success.

Let our team of internetwarriors and our expertise in Google Shopping and product data optimization from Berlin convince you.

Contact us now and get a quote!

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